Spiritual entrepreneurs, stop buying into the pressure to give away your work for free.

If you work in the spiritual space, you may have experienced grief over your prices. Perhaps you’ve even been told that you shouldn’t be charging at all for the work you do to help others.

Maybe you put an offer out there and got unsolicited “advice” that you shouldn’t be charging if you truly want to help people.

spiritual entrepreneurs

First, let me just say right out of the gate: That is BS!

You do not have to martyr yourself in order to help others.

I see this a lot in healers, coaches, shamans, lightworkers, energy workers, and anyone who works in an industry about helping others or healing others.

“Can I just ask a quick question?”

“Could we have lunch and I pick your brain?”

“But it will only take a few minutes!”

“Tell me what you think, as a friend.”

These are all red flags/ warning signs that someone is trying to get you to work for free. And energetically, these things never work out. Even if you mean well and you truly want to help, it will exhaust and overwhelm you if you continue to offer your services and expertise for free.

And anyone who truly respects you and the work you do will understand this. Sometimes people do it because they don’t know any better. This is when creating and enforcing great boundaries comes into play.

Spiritual Entrepreneurs: Know Your Boundaries and Your Worth

You need to know what your boundaries are before you can begin to properly show and enforce them with others. So first, take some time to get really clear about what you are willing to do and what you are not willing to do.

Once you have clear boundaries around how much you charge and a clear understanding that you do not work for free, it will be easier to respond to these types of requests or “opinions”. If you can’t value your work, how will anyone else?

Stop Viewing Your Work as Trading Time for Money

Part of valuing your work is knowing that Another important step to help you say “no” to people who want freebies is to stop viewing your work as trading time for money. This is not actually an equal exchange.

Also, one hour for you may not equal one hour for another person. We all have different levels of experience, training, education, and more. A one-hour session with someone who has 25 years of experience should have more value than a one-hour session with someone who has been practicing for a year.

Even the new person shouldn’t be doing the work for free, but the person with more years of experience can rightfully charge more because their one hour packs 25 years worth of value. Make sense?

Furthermore, there is always more money, but there isn’t always more time. We all get the same 24 hours a day until our days are over.

What Can You Do Instead?

Sometimes when people are asking for free help, they have good intentions. Maybe they truly don’t have the money to hire you right now and they really DO need the help.

You can still help these people without sacrificing your time and energy. The answer is in your free content. You can point them toward your lead magnet/freebie, blog posts you have written, videos you have created, or your free group (if you have one).

This is a great way to work people through your funnel naturally and give them time to familiarize with you, how you work, and the value you have to offer.

Sometimes people ask you to do “just one little freebie” or “a quick reading for a friend” because they don’t truly understand all the work that is involved.

Money Blocks for Spiritual Entrepreneurs

Finally, the next best thing you can do to avoid working for less than you deserve is to work on your money blocks. We all have them and if you’re not familiar with this concept at all, then this is going to be a very important first step.

Look into work by Denise Duffield-Thomas for an introduction. Her Money Bootcamp is a complete life-changer and she also has a manifesting course, and a Sacred Money Archetypes course that is really useful in learning more about your money type and what that means for your business, your money blocks, and how you manage money.

Do you ever feel there is a stigma around charging too much money for your spiritual work?

If you’re full of passion for the work you do, but get blocked when it comes to promoting yourself or charging what you are worth, then you may be experiencing money blocks.

If you’d like help with this, just reach out to me and I’ll guide you through setting up a funnel or do a coaching call to help you set your boundaries and a pricing comfort zone.