Stop pitching to a cold audience. Here’s what this common problem looks like, and what to do about it.

Have you put an offer out there and no one is buying? You were so excited about it, spent hours on your sales page, and then shared it everywhere and with everyone.

Then you wait.

And you wait.

Wait some more.

But no one buys. Or, maybe you get one sale and a nibble here and there. You’re grateful for them, but this is nowhere near the response you were expecting!

What’s going on? Is your offer bad? Did you misread your audience and what they need and want?

Probably not. There’s a good chance there’s a simpler problem happening here.

A common problem I see with my clients is that they are pitching to a cold audience.

pitching to a cold audience

So, what do I mean by “cold” and how can you warm them up?

On average, it takes 7-13 touches with your brand before someone will make a purchase (even a small purchase). While there are always exceptions, most people need to be more familiar with you before they will fork over their cash.

There needs to be incentive and comfort for someone to buy from you, and this is even truer in spiritual and heart-centered businesses.

You could have the greatest sales page of all time, but if the person reading it doesn’t feel safe with you, they won’t buy. You need to buy that trust.

Building Trust to Warm the Sale

So, how do you build that trust? The best and easiest way is through your content. It’s common for people I work with to come to me without a full understanding or respect for how important content is.

This is why I try to teach people the true purpose behind you’re content. We’re not just creating things for the sake of creating things. You’re not writing that blog post just to say you have one.

These are not arbitrary tasks that you’re obligated to complete just for the sake of saying you’re a business owner. Content should always have a purpose and each piece of content you create for your business is designed to help warm that audience for the sale.

It’s all part of the 7-13 touches.

Content can include:

  • blog posts
  • social media posts
  • videos/ Facebook Lives
  • lead magnets and free guides
  • tips and worksheets

These are just a few ideas of the types of content you can use to warm your audience. As I tell my clients, the most important part of your strategy is knowing the end game.

Is it to get them to sign up for a 1v1 coaching session?

Then tell yourself, “All roads lead to 1v1 sessions.”

Is it to get them to join your Mastermind?

Make your mantra, “All roads lead to my Mastermind.”

This is important because as you are creating those blog posts, that social media content, or hosting a free challenge, or doing a group chat, it should all be created with the end goal in mind.

If “All Roads Lead to My Mastermind”, then how does that blog post you’re thinking of writing lead people to your Mastermind? How does that social media post you just made lead them to your Mastermind?

Make sense?

It’s really simple when you think about it, but oftentimes we need someone to guide us toward that “Aha!”

Making a Plan

Now, with that in mind, the steps to warm your audience and therefore, make more sales with your pitches, is to create a plan. A content plan, or content strategy, is going to be KEY to reaching your target audience and eventually, landing the sales you desire.

As part of your strategy, you also need to focus on how you are helping them. With a heart-centered business, there is always a desire to help others, or to change the world in some way.

This needs to come out in the content that you create. So, it all begins with honing in on your value, your purpose, the people you help, and how you help them.

Next, you want to look at the steps people will need to go through from their first contact with you and your brand to the desired step of becoming a paid client/customer.

What does that look like for your market?

I was chatting with a client last week who does healing work and one thing she said is that sometimes people do a sales call and they are just not ready yet. I see this a lot and I have a solution.

They are not in the place yet energetically, mentally, or emotionally to be ready to start a coaching plan with you, or to purchase your high-end service. If you’re very honed in on your ideal client, you’ll pick up on this pretty quickly once you start chatting with them.

But if they’re not ready yet, does that mean you just lose the potential client?

Yes, and no. Maybe they are not ready for your end game yet, but what are they ready for? What steps would they need to take, or what processes do they need to have before they would be ready?

Think about your answer to this and that answer could be your free content or your low-tier offers.

BAM! Now you’re creating content with a purpose that aligns with your overall strategy, warms a cold audience, AND helps the client at the same time.

Stop Pitching to a Cold Audience

See how that works? You can stop pitching to a cold audience because you’re going to create content that adds value and introduces your brand before they get to that BIG offer.

It’s a win-win for everyone involved because every piece of content you put out there serves as an advertisement for your brand.

Every piece of content you put out there is also an opportunity to form a relationship with your target audience. They get to know you better, and you have the opportunity to teach them something, show them a new perspective, give them a quick tip, or offer a new perspective.

You will change their life in a small way, and they will discover how you can change their life in a big way. And that’s what content is really all about!

If you need help, contact me or see how you can work with me.

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