Is it time for a lunch break?

I’ve made a resolution this year to stop having meals at my desk. It’s hard, especially during the day when I’m the only one around, pounding away at my keyboard. Couldn’t I get a little more done if I multitask? What point is there in eating in the dining room with no one else here?

So many excuses… I had tons of reasons why I should keep working and not give myself the reprieve of a mindful meal away from my office, or at very least, away from the computer itself.

Sometimes I’d go half-way, leaving the office but taking a phone, tablet, or laptop with me. I’d furiously check emails, social media, or research for projects while wolfing down whatever it was I had planned for lunch that day.

Now, I know better.

Make it a Real Lunch Break

I’ve learned that the break is important — essential even.

Lunch Break

No matter what deadline is due.

Regardless of that “one more little thing” I think I need to do, it’s important to take a lunch break. A real lunch break, not a petty excuse to scarf down food while brainstorming copy strategy, researching for that lead magnet in process, or plowing through the many, many emails that flood in daily.

Reasons to Take Your Lunch Break away from Your Desk

I work better when I take a break. I am more focused when I come back. Not to mention, it’s both physically and mentally healthier for me. In short, it’s good for my brain and that is very important when you use said brain for, you know, everything!

I am more mindful when I eat — taking time to taste it, chew slowly, and appreciate it. That’s good for my body, and my digestive track thanks me.

I get a mental break from the work I was doing so I am refocused when I return. When I force myself to walk away and take a breather long enough to eat lunch, I come back more energized. I come back with a fresh view of the work and sometimes an idea will pop up that wasn’t there before. At minimum, I feel renewed and more energized to tackle the work ahead of me.

Also, I’m not getting crumbs in my keyboard. 💻 WIN!

So now, I walk away. I leave the office entirely. I take my lunch elsewhere. Sometimes I bring my journal. This is a wonderful time to clear my mind, do some mediation, note-taking, journaling, or mindset work.

How to Make Use of the Break

It’s a good time to add to my Morning Pages I started in the A.M. Or a chance to just observe what is happening around me.

When the weather is warm, I may take my lunch to the park or the waterfront… or just to the backyard to enjoy some sun. One good thing about living a mile from the Jersey Shore is that when the weather is right, I can relax by the water and work with a beautiful view.

I always feel more grounded when I take daily time with nature. I wasn’t made to be stuck in a stuffy office all day.

Although I love my job, the freedom it gives me, the ability to work from my home office, and helping businesses every day through my copy and strategy, I also understand the importance of stepping away from it all now and then.

I resolve to do that some each day, even when things get hectic and busy. If you’re taking all of your meals at the desk, I invite you to give it a try. Walk away. It might seem hard at first. You might stress and worry over what you’re missing. You might feel like you’re “losing valuable time”, but if you stick with it, you’ll see the benefit.

With that, I’m going to enjoy a nice cup. ☕

Then I will get back to work after lunch, refreshed and ready to rock this workday!