When it comes to emails and newsletters, it can seem difficult to get noticed in this fast-paced internet world we are all a part of today. Some people don’t know where to start, and others don’t know how to stand out in an already-saturated market.

Or maybe you’re one of those who has a list already, but it’s dead. You hardly ever email. You’re not getting any engagement. People aren’t even opening them. What can you do?

Whether you are starting new, or attempting to revive a dead list, here are some tips that will help you.

Here are some tips for writing friendly, engaging emails:

  • Write like you’re talking to just ONE person. Forget about your list. Quit talking about how many subscribers you have. Just focus on one person — like a sit-down with a cup of coffee.
  • Email only when you have something useful and entertaining to share. Don’t mail just for the sake of mailing. Make sure you have something of value to offer with each email. Don’t waste people’s time.
  • Be trustworthy. Let people know what they can expect from you — then deliver on it!
  • Give them a reward for reading. What do they get out of being a subscriber? A special discount for those who open your mails regularly? A special webinar or video of tips made just for them? How can you give something of value as a reward to your readers?
  • Write what you know. When you write about the things you care about and know well, your passion will show through and that’s something your reader can get excited about, too.
  • Build a real relationship with your readers. This is what it’s all about. You can read all the stats and follow all the rules, but if you are not connecting with your readers, what does it matter?
  • Don’t follow a blueprint. Templates can help you get started, and can be used as the bare-bones, but you should always write new, interesting articles. If you follow the same formula in every single email you send, your readers are going to notice, and they’re going to get bored.

Now that you know some tips for writing great emails, how do you get them to actually open them? Open rates are something everyone struggles with, but there are some things you can do to improve yours.

Writing the emails is one thing, but how do you get people to open them and give you a chance?

Here are some tips for getting your emails opened:

  • Master the headline. Writing great headlines is hard. It takes practice. I’ve been a copywriter for 19 years and sometimes I still struggle with engaging, punchy headlines.
  • Use power words in your headline. Power words are strong, emotional and sensory words that attract attention and help your headline stand out in their inbox.
  • Learn from the ones you love. Take a look at all the emails you subscribe to that you really love. What do you love about them? What do they put in their headlines that makes you click? How can you apply this to your own mails?
  • Think outside the box. While you can read rules and guidelines all day long, nothing replaces good old-fashioned trial and error. Don’t be afraid to try something new, do something rebellious or think outside the box.
  • Gain their attention. You don’t have to go all-out clickbait, but you should create an enticing headline that captures their attention and makes them want to learn more.

Getting those emails opened is just one more hurdle in the process. What if you want to sell or close a deal in your mails?

So, we know that email marketing is often used as a way to make a sale, or close a deal. If you want the reader to sign up for your new course, buy your product, or even to buy a product you are an affiliate of, you need to know how to close in your emails and avoid being spammy.

Here are some tips for selling/closing in your emails:

  • Don’t sell too soon. Trying to pitch people products before you’ve established a rapport with them is the quickest way to an unsubscribe. First, you need to become a trusted source of information. You need to build your reputation before you pitch the sale.
  • Make it very clear what you are selling and how they benefit from it. You need to reach out to their pain point and show them how what you’re selling is going to help with that.
  • Highlight all the benefits of what you’re selling. Show them how they will benefit from it, rather than touting it’s greatness.
  • Present a very clear deadline for whatever you’re selling. This will stop the procrastinators and encourage people to act by the date you set for them.
  • Have a very clear call to action (CTA). Your readers should know exactly what you’re asking and how to do it.

Every list is different and it’s important that you find your own voice and your own way to engage and interact with your audience. That said, these tips should help you so you’re not just starting from scratch and so that you can find your direction and reach your goals.

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