Hello everyone and welcome to a new column I’ll be doing here on the site, the Author Spotlight. At least once per month (but maybe more often if this is popular), I will highlight another Indie author that I really like. First up to have the honor is the amazing, Elizabeth Dunlap, award-winning author of the Neck-Romancer and Knight of the Hunted series. I’m going to tell you more about Elizabeth and her books today, and she has been kind enough to allow me to interview her so be sure to stick around for the Q&A section.

Author Spotlight: Elizabeth Dunlap

Without further ado, let’s get to it! If you’re not familiar with her books yet, then you’re really in for a treat today. Not only is Lizzie an amazing author, she’s also a very talented artist. She designs her own beautiful covers, and she’s designed most of mine. See Pixie Covers to learn more.

elizabeth dunlap


About Elizabeth: Elizabeth Dunlap is an award-winning author whose works include the Born Vampire series, and the Neck-Romancer series.
She’s never wanted to be anything else in her life, except maybe a vampire. When she’s not writing, she’s designing at Pixie Covers, or playing a ridiculous amount of video games.

She lives in Texas with her boyfriend, their daughter, a very sleepy chihuahua named Deyna, and an energetic cat named Ella.

Awards and Recognitions

Elizabeth’s books have received several notable awards and I’d love to tell you about these.
2020 Gold Medal Winner, Readers’ Favorite Choice Awards – Paranormal Romance
2020 First place – YA Paranormal, The Incipere Awards
2020 Second place – Paranormal, The Incipere Awards
2019 Gold Medal Winner, Readers’ Favorite Choice Awards – Young Adult Paranormal
2020 First place – YA Paranormal (Clean), The Incipere Awards
2020 Silver Medal Winner, Reader’s Favorite Choice Awards – Young Adult (General)

Books by Elizabeth Dunlap:

The Born Vampire Series, YA Edition (6 books) Young Adult (15+)

The Born Vampire Series, NSFW Edition (6 books) Adult (18+)

The Neck-Romancer Series (2 books) New Adult (18+)

The Highborn Asylum Series (1 book) New Adult (18+)

A Grumpy Fairy Tale Series (2 books) Middle Grade (10+)

The Ecrivain Academy Series (1 book) Teen/Young Adult (13+)

Various Anthologies

Special Editions of Born Vampire

She also has a store where you can purchase signed physical copies of her books. I have a collection of my own and I love them!!


Interview with Elizabeth Dunlap


Can you tell us a little about how and why you got started writing?
I’ve always been an avid reader from a young age, and I liked to think up stories to go along with pictures I colored. I was essentially making my own book covers from coloring pages, and one day I realized I could write the stories down that I was imagining. I could make my own worlds. It started just as a fun thing to do, and it quickly became something so much more. I just loved writing, and I knew it was what I wanted to do when I grew up. It became a huge part of my life without me even realizing it.


Do you have a favorite character from your books?
It’s so hard to choose!! Definitely Knight, my werewolf from the Born Vampire series. He’s funny, sweet, and powerful. Basically my ideal man lol


Do you have a least favorite character from your books? Or someone you have a love/hate relationship with?
All my main characters are my special babies, but there’s a few side characters I wouldn’t mind yeeting off a cliff. The main one would be Governor Hendrix, because he was so mean to my main character :C


Is there a specific order new readers should read your books in?
If you’re just starting out with my books, I’d highly recommend starting with my Born Vampire series. Most of my books tie into that series. Also there are two versions of it! If you prefer a cleaner story, there’s a YA version. If you like some spice in your coffee 😉 there’s a NSFW version. No matter which you prefer, you can still enjoy my story!


What do you think you do really well (writing-wise)?
I like to think I’m good at creating really unique characters, and building interesting worlds. A lot of people have told me my stuff is really different because of those things.


What do you want to improve on with your writing?
I’m trying to work on upping my word count, I just seem to be one of those authors that writes shorter books than normal. I almost always end the story around 50k. So I’m trying to write more by showing more everyday moments, and not just action.


What genre of books do you like to read yourself?
I basically write the same type of books that I love to read. I love books with witches, vampires, werewolves, magic. And I actually read a lot of YA, I’m not hugely into adult books, which I find odd considering that’s what I write lol


I sadly haven’t had enough time for the past few years to read anything, and (confession) I’ve only read two reverse harem series, which is also my main genre. Shocking, I know lol


What is a non-writing hobby you really enjoy?
I have two hobbies I really love. I love watching TV shows, which I know seems like a normal thing, but I have literally watched (checks my Hobi tv app) 169 tv shows. Sooooo many. They really spark my creative juices, and I find they help me learn how to balance story pacing and development more than movies do. So in reality, it’s all book research LOL.

I also really love playing video games. I like the Lego video games a lot, they’re very fun! Mostly I play Final Fantasy XIV or Elder Scrolls, because it’s fun to play with my friends.

Anything else you want the readers to know?


When you pick up a book and start reading, it’s obvious when the author truly cares about their characters and the story, and I like to think that that is how my books are. I started out writing in the branches of a plum tree, and now I’m here, creating sassy witches and grumpy vampires. If sarcasm and adventure are your thing, you may just enjoy falling down the Dunlap rabbit hole 🙂


You can connect with Elizabeth Dunlap on her website, elizabethdunlap.com, Twitter (@edunlapnifty), on Facebook, or on Instagram (@edunlapnifty). You can also find her on YouTube. Her Amazon profile is here, so you can follow her and never miss a new book release!


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