Rebirth: Dream of the Vampire

If you follow my blog here, you’ll know that I posted about this book just the other day. I didn’t even realize until then that March 31st is my 4-year anniversary of publishing this book. It has taken on several revisions since that debut version and it has been a labor of love, and the entire trilogy is still getting updates. However, in honor of this very happy day, I’m making it FREE on Kindle for you. If you haven’t read it yet, go get it. 🙂

DotV Book 1

Here’s the blurb:

No one knows what happens when a vampire has years of her life erased…

Mira was a normal 16-year-old girl before the accident that killed her parents and took away her memories.

Then the dreams began. Nightmares. Visions of a young woman who looked just like her but was… different, like a wiser, more mature version of herself. And were those… fangs?

She thought they were just dreams…

So why did they feel so familiar, like memories of a life now lost? Her only solace was her loyal best friend, Lori, and her handsome boyfriend, Dimitri.

Dimitri knew more than he let on…

The fate of humanity and the vampires hung in the balance and time was ticking. Will she get her memories back in time to help save the world?

It was time. A vampire would be reborn.

Remember, it’s FREE today! Grab your copy and tell your friends.

Buy here on Amazon Kindle. Coming to print and audio later this year. Stay tuned for more updates on other versions and future releases.